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Deputy Foreign Minister meets Minister of Culture of Tajikistan Featured

DUSHANBE – Deputy Foreign Minister Mirwais Nab met with the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan, Ms. Davlatzoda Zulfiya Davlat, in Dushanbe.

At the outset, the Deputy Foreign Minister spoke about the historical, civilizational, and cultural commonalities between the two brotherly and friendly countries, stating that these commonalities define and regulate Kabul and Dushanbe's relations beyond any international covenants.

Talking about the cultural programs to be held on the sidelines of the 9th Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia - Istanbul Process in Dushanbe, Mr. Nab considered establishing relations between national libraries, holding joint cultural meetings, creating friendship associations, honoring common cultural figures, and increasing the number of Afghan students in Tajikistan are essential for strengthening and expanding cultural ties between them. The Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister also called for joint efforts by the two countries' governments and peoples in the concerned areas.

Welcoming Mr. Nab's suggestions and views, Ms. Dolatzada informed the Deputy Foreign Minister of her country's readiness to develop cultural ties between Kabul and Dushanbe and provide more scholarships to the Afghan youth.DMF Meeting with Tajik Culture minister 01

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