Ministerial Conferences takes place annually and is a platform, in which participating and supporting parties comprised of foreign ministers and high-level officials come together to exchange ideas on the progress, the HOA - IP has made during the year and discuss ways to tackle challenges that still lies ahead. The participants continue their deliberations throughout the day of the conference. By delivering their statements of support, all parties reaffirm their commitments to the Process during the MC. Further, the co-chair and host of the next MC is officially announced. Another important outcome of the MC is the annual declaration of the HOA - IP that is developed by the senior officials prior to the MC. Each declaration highlights a set of priorities that all participating countries agree to follow in the year ahead. These priorities include areas for fostering dialogue, special initiatives and the emphasis on the timely implementation of the CBMs. The following is the list of Ministerial Conferences held:

11 Nov. 2011: Istanbul, Turkey
14 June 2012: Kabul, Afghanistan
26 April 2013: Almaty, Kazakhstan
31 October 2014: Beijing, China 
9 December 2015: Islamabad, Pakistan 
3-4 December 2016: Amritsar, India
1 December 2017: Baku, Azerbaijan
9 December 2019: Istanbul, Turkey 

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